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Sustainable energy generation using hydrogen

Sustainable energy generation

Increasingly fuel cell applications are being developed and marketed. Industry and consumers are increasingly used to this relatively new clean energy form. In the foreseeable future, the fuel cell can no longer be thought out of our daily lives.

Element1 offers a complete range of systems for both educational applications and professional applications.

Fuel cells convert energy from hydrogen into a continuous reaction directly to electrical energy, so that there is hardly any loss and the fuel cell generates energy in a very efficient way.

In addition to parts and accessories, Element1 also provides complete systems for mobile applications in, for example, campers or boats.

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Complete systems/Recreational
Element1 is dealer for Hydromax 150, a complete fuel cell system which operates plug and play. For more information please click through to the product overview.  
Fuel Cell Stacks
Element1 delivers fuel cell stacks in a PEM version. For further details please click through to the product overview.