Element1 the future is carbon free

The Future is Carbon Free

Everybody knows the challenges the world faces regarding cilmate change. Also the end of the use of carbon fuels is in sight. Already big steps have been made towards renewable sources as solar and wind.

A technique al ready existing for some time is hydrogen and the fuel cell. The technology has been further developed in recent years and can contribute in securing energy supply in the future and certainly as important in reducing CO2 emissions.

A fuel cell generates electricity using hydrogen as a single waste product.Hydrogen can be generated by renewable sources such as solar and wind energy and can thus also be used to store potentially much energy and use later.

Currently, one of the most visible applications is in cars. Major brands like Hyundai and Toyota currently supply hydrogen models.Other brands like BMV and Audi are currently working on their own models.

Hyuandai IX35 FC

Toyota Mirai