BIS Spectrum® allows any PV installation to be positioned quickly and easily in just a few steps. Positioning of the system can be done in an instant.
The stable and aerodynamical shape, requires a minimum of
ballast material. In most situations only peripheral ballast is required. This enables faster installation, saving both time and

■ Solid construction
■ ‘Plug and play’ assembly
■ Minimal ballast
■ Ballasted, non-penetrating system

Aerodynamic and lightweight
■ Tested on wind sensitivity in a wind tunnel in accordance
with Eurocode 1 and NEN 7250
■ Lightweight system: minimum roof load
■ Additional wind deflectors not needed

■ Mounting unit manufactured from weather- and UV resistant recycled HDPE
■ The steel components are extremely corrosion resistant

Broad application spectrum
■ Due to low total weight suitable for all common flat roof types (if allowed by the roof construction)
■ Suitable for all common brands and sizes of PV panels with a frame height of 20 – 50 mm

High energy yield per m2 roof
■ Panel angle only 10°: high panel density per m2 roof. The available roof space is utilized to the maximum
■ The PV panels are well ventilated on all sides, allowing good temperature control and a long service life of the PV panels

Unhindered rain water drainage

■ Unhindered rain water drainage in all directions and without disturbing the drainage function of the roof

Anchoring to the roof not required
■ The roof membrane remains intact

Easy Logistics

■ Mounting units are supplied on standard Euro pallets
■ Easy transport to and handling on the building site
■ Economically packed: minimum amount of packaging
materials on the roof