Renewable Energy Science Education Set

Understand the key principles of a clean energy technology network by studying it on a miniature scale. Power your own solar powered electrical circuit. Find out the most efficient way to generate energy from wind. Separate water into hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis and watch as a fuel cell turns that hydrogen into electrical power. Plus, you can measure the effect of alternative energy generation by powering lights and fan modules.


✔ Small-scale wind turbine, solar cell, fuel cell,
electrolyzer and more.
✔ Enough hardware, software and curriculum content
for groupwork – up to 4 or 5 students.
✔ Recommended age groups- K 6-12

Experiments and activities

✔ Solar Energy Experiments
1. The Effect of Heat on Solar Panels
2. The Effect of Shade on Solar Panels
3. The Effect of Tilt Angle on Solar Panels
4. Finding the Solar Panel’s Maximum Power Point

✔ Energy from Hydrogen Experiments
1. Electrolysis Mode Generating H2 and O2
2. Fuel Cell Mode Generating Electricity from H2 and O2
3. Determining the Minimum Water Decomposition Voltage
4. Polarization States for Hydrogen Fuel Cells

✔ Wind Energy Experiments
1. How Many Blades Are Best – 1, 2, 3 … More?
2. Using Three Different Curved Blade Shapes
3. Using Blades You Make Yourself
4. Turbine Efficiencies
5. Measuring RPM
6. Tuning For Maximum Power
7. How Blade Angle or Pitch Affects Output Power
8. To Generate Hydrogen

Kit content

✔WindPitch turbine body
✔Rotor head for profiled blades
✔9 profiled blades for turbine (3 sets of 3 types)
✔Rotor head adapter for sheet blades
✔3 polypropylene sheet blades for turbine
✔Turbine Support base
✔Aluminum wind turbine post
✔PEM Electrolyzer
✔PEM Electrolyzer base
✔PEM Fuel cell
✔PEM Fuel cell base
✔ Hydrogen tank
✔Oxygen tank
✔Inner Gas containers
✔Water/gas tank module base
✔Flexible 2mm banana connecting leads
✔Transparent silicon tubing
✔Plastic plug pins for electrolyzer
✔Battery pack with connecting leads
✔Motor and fan module base
✔Propeller blade
✔Small car wheel
✔LED module base
✔Circuit board module base
✔100 ohm Variable Resistor module (potentiometer)
✔1 Watt Solar panel
✔Adaptors, tubing clincher & purging valve
✔Assembly instructions
✔ CD-ROM with renewable energy curriculum manuals