Greenbox 100

Easy to use and with a smart and compact design GreenBox contains everything you need outdoor in terms of full energy independence featuring mains power supply for 110V AC o 220V AC, 12-13C DC, USB and battery charging capability for your battery packs.

Like home power but with the advantages connected with energetic independence.
Perfect as an UPS and emergency generator for surveillance and security systems, for nautical and camping sectors, as a field generators for working areas far from electrical network, as a home generator for off-grid houses with low necessities and in each situations you need a mobile electrical source of energy, smart and easy to use.

A complete power solution which guarantees to the users to be off-grid in the cleanest and quietest existing way actually in the world. The system can be easily connected with every hydrogen source such as compressed cylinders or H2planet’s compatible hydride cartridges to get the best performance from your portable fuel-cell generator.

rated power: 75W
– output AC: 220V AC (110V AC)
– output DC: 12/24VDC
– charger version: 12/24VDC
– output DC (1A): USB 5V/12V DC
– feeding pressure 6-10 bar
– hydrogen purity: 99,995% (grade 4.5)
– max H2 flow consuption: 1,6 l/min
– size: 40,5x30x20 cm
– weight: 11 kg