The Hydromax 150


Never without power
De Hydromax 150 is THE solution to insure your power supply for essential appliances like lighting heating and ventilation, but also for less essential luxury appliances as TV and a coffee maker.

The second application is to use the Hydromax 150 for off-grid security systems so the systems keeps running and the security will be maintained.
The Hydromax 150 creates electrical current from a salty solution and fresh water mixed with apple acid (used in food). The Hydromax 150 has a maximum power output of 180W. The 12V batteries can be charged with a maximum of 14A.

Philosophy Fuel Cell
The philosophy behind the Fuel Cell charger is that Dynaddidn’t want to sell a system with hazardous fuels like methanol. The use of Propane/butane/or LPG is often convenient becauseit’s already available in the RV, butthe electrical demand is the highest in times that the use of gas is also high (autumn/winter/spring)

The Hydrofuel is a salty solution which is turned into a small amount of hydrogen in the unit which is immediately used in the fuel cell and turned into water. The fuel can be used in temperature till -18ºC and isn’t inflammable.

An extra advantage is that the Hydrofuel is turned into a very pure hydrogen so the Fuel Cell has an extreme long lifespan.

Technical details

Below the basic technical specifications, your dealer can explain more about the unit

Hydromax 150
Maximum Power 180 W
Nominal Power 150 W
Loading Current

Lead-acid: 13,8V

GEL: 14.6V

AGM: 14.8V

Loading capaciteit / day 3600Wh/day