The Schenker Watermakers company, known from the mandatory watermakers for rowing vessels competing in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, has developed the Aquatrek, a land-based solution for fresh water production. Aquatrek is an efficient, portable solution to produce fresh water basically from any source, lakes, rivers, ponds, sea.

Aquatrek is built into a tough military grade wheels case, that includes the watermaker itself, the pre-filter and the connection hoses to the water source (10 mt. long). Aquatrek is available in 2 versions:

  • Aquatrek 30, that produces 30 lit/h (7.9 Gal/h) of fresh water with an electric consumption of 110 Watt only;
  • Aquatrek 50, that produces 50 lit/h (13.2 Gal/h) with an electric consumption of 240 Watt.

Both units are powered 12 V and can be connected to any external battery.

Nonetheless, it is also available with the Aquatrek PowerBox. It is assembled in a strong suitcase as well and includes a special lithium battery, a charger that can accept all DC/AC standards to activate the recharging cycle of the battery, and a folding solar panel that allow to charge the battery, and power the watermakers, directly from the sun.

Powerbox is therefore an ideal complement of both the Aquatrek 30 and 50.

Aquatrek - Just pure water. Everywhere.